Poet Don Reporting on the Stunning 1921 Achievement of German Herman Goerner

In 1921 Herman
To cries of cheers, (and teeter)
Did carry piano on his back
For all of 16 metre

Good onya Herman….

A sterling effort…..

Being serious:

Hermann Görner born April 13, 1891  was a German weightlifter and professional strength athlete.

He showed many special strength exercises and impressive shows, such as wrestling with a small elephant or carrying a bridge construction on his back, over which a passenger car with six people drove.

330 kg, one-armed lifting from the floor from the cross on the right (October 8, 1920 in Leipzig). This achievement was and is (as of 2012) still a world record

  • 875.5 kg, pole with 11 men hanging on it, carried 5 paces across the shoulders (February 20, 1920 in Leipzig)
  • 655 kg, concert grand piano carried 16 m on the back in transport box (June 2, 1921 in Leipzig)
  • 1,870.2 kg, post with 24 men seated on it, held in prone position on upright feet for 15 seconds (October 12, 1927 in London)
  • 1,770 kg, car with 6 people that drives over a bridge, held upright with the shoulders (in Leipzig, Berlin and for the last time in Hamburg on June 18, 1922)
  • 190.05 kg in four round weights brought with both arms by swinging and swinging from the ground to the high track (July 25, 1920 in Dresden)
    • Holding 100 kg in two round weights and thus running 100 meters in 18.4 seconds (June 2, 1912 in Leipzig)

      Don Matthews
      June 2021

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