Stan Shifts Concrete

Stan’s a concrete shifter
Handstands part of skill
Almost has perfected it
Eventually he will….

Don Matthews
May 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

20 thoughts on “Stan Shifts Concrete

      1. A coach would help him immensely. Could even make the olympics. Is GOB (gymnastics over barrow) an official sport? If not, should be….Breakdancing is….Stan could do some fancy breaking stuff midair……

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      2. I don’t know why but I see this as an event east Europeans would excel in.
        They are making everything else into Olympic sports with not GOB. I’m sure they could come up with some kind of gymnastics/aerial event with a wheelbarrow involved.


      3. Good thinking there. Could even enter arena inside a concrete truck (rotating) then spill out to the cheering east European supporters. Rotating truck could even be part of the act/spectator thrill. Ya know, leap up and ‘suction’ on and over. Would be a show stopper M. May be I should field IOC with the idea. Could even land my self a coach job….someone’s saying dream on….

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      4. You hold onto the dream! If you really want it dreams can come true. And tossing around a bunch of east Europeans using construction vehicles is an admirable dream.


      5. Yes, a more reasonable time. You’re about 6 hrs behind. My Sunday’s nearly done while you’re just halfway there.

        I’ve come in, worked hard, knackered
        Barely stand on feet
        World has thrown all shit at me
        Now resting on my seat…..


        With sherry…


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      6. The day is done.
        Tea and TV.

        Not too bad for me
        Dealing with life’s demands
        I’ve got three kids on the potty
        There’s actual shit on my hands.


      7. Chocolate Tea TV a nice end to the day

        Your rhyme it made me chuckle
        I’ve been there, yep, done that
        Mine have all gone flown the coop
        And dat my friend is dat


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