I’ve Had a Shitty Day

I’ve had a shit of a day. Yep. Reckon it’s because the clocks went back. Sent my body in a tizz. Does this happen to you? I did remember to adjust the clock before going to bed though.

I woke up wide awake at 3am. Why? I need to be asleep at this time. I’m not one for jumping out of bed and creating at this hour.

Then I post a half-finished Music Video. It clearly said DRAFT. What was I thinking?

I had to cut the end off a bolt off with the hacksaw. Being wobbly I had to hold said bolt with left hand. Checks I the progress. Half-way. Must stop soon. Why did I not stop soon enough?

See, daylight saving should never have started today. I know, I know, why were my gloves still in my pocket? Question also asked by others. Despite all this I was ably looked after by my nurse partner. You’ll be pleased to know I still have my finger (just joking)

The bandage just fits into my glove and it likes it’s plastic bag shower raincoat.
One little problem is the bandage catch is past it’s use by date and keeps falling off. Gonna have to tie it up with string

Oh, I can still type on keyboard…..

Now being Sunday I thought a prayer to the one above would help. He might take pity on me….

Lord above please hear me
I’ve had a shitty day
The clock’s went back did cause it
What do you have to say?

He says tuff….it’s all my fault…

So much for a kindness and understanding …

Don Matthews
Feeling much better now
Despite no help from above
April 2021

Bandage getting tangled in keyboard. Gotta go string…..

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

20 thoughts on “I’ve Had a Shitty Day

  1. I’m OK with the clocks going back – it’s when they go forward that really messes with my body clock.
    Think I’m definitely happier in darker times than light šŸ‘šŸ–¤


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