13 thoughts on “Backlog

    1. Don’t tell me you got writer’s block? It’s a myth Yas. Stare into your coffee…amazing what comes back

      Coffee coffee help me
      I got writers block
      Tell me what to write about
      Write about your sock

      Thankyou coffee….

      See Yas…works everytime….WB’s a myth…
      My next question to Coffee Muse? – which sock?

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      1. Really , myth eh ??? That is some consolation.,
        Staring right into ma coffee β˜•οΈ… caffeine Kafkaesque came back

        Kafka kafka
        I got writers block
        Kafka says
        Have some shots of vodka
        If your a teetotaler
        Have some pasta 🍝

        Thank you PoetDon

        Coffee muse contemplating the sock excuse πŸ™ˆ


      2. See? It works….magic

        I asked my coffee which sock and it said the one with the hole in…(thankyou coffee)

        I have not one, but two
        Two socks with a hole
        To mend them is eventually
        Eventually my goal

        It says you lazy sod…..

        Seriously Yassy, it’s easier to just buy another pair. That’s what we’ve come to. Throw away, don’t repair, just buy new. Remember when mum used to mend our socks?

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      3. A hole
        In the sole
        Of a sock 🧦
        Sticking out toe

        Like you
        I too am
        A lazy sod
        Like two peas in a pod

        Yes, easy to buy
        I can’t for the world of me sew πŸͺ‘

        Buy half a dozen pair
        I can’t be bothered to repair



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