Trump’s Greatest Failure

Handling the pandemic

US 4% of world’s population

20% of world’s deaths

229,000 Americans dead

Many more will die

Trump just last week ‘We have turned the corner’

Fauci ‘No we haven’t’

Older voters terrified of dying
Will look to someone putting community health
Top of their list of priorities

Trump must go

For stability to return

Don Matthews
November 2020

Totally Under Control is on Hulu and on digital formats in the US,
and on 23 October in cinemas in the UK.

For a review of the documentary

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7 thoughts on “Trump’s Greatest Failure

  1. Trump never really showed up for the job of governance. He has been orchestrating a reality television show the whole time. Covid illustrated the difference quite clearly for those whose reality isn’t entirely defined by reality television.

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  2. Trump will go down as perpetrating the biggest fraud in the history of the world, but I doubt that any of his supporters will ever admit it. They will go back to their church pews feeling smug or back to their clan meetings and and clandestine rallies. How a news network like Fox is allowed to exist is beyond me. The dissemination of such fake news really should be a crime and this four years is a perfect example of why. Freedom of speech should not extend to provable lies. At the very least, they should be held accountable for the misdeeds of this administration—as should be all the senators who supported it.


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