Bipolar Mania and Me

Dealing with mental health issues.
Step 1. Talk about it.
So I am

I used to be quite manic

Disruptive in the town

Born with it, and no cure

Brain chemicals upside down

Sleep? I had no need of

Mind full of racing thoughts

I in a trap of mania

A manic trap was caught

I had delusions (grandeur)

Thought I was like a god

People simply humoured me

Thought I was rather odd

The video included shows

A manic in full flight

He is what I used to be

When at my manic height

Don Matthews
June 2020

Bipolars need three things: Understanding, Acceptance, Support

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

2 thoughts on “Bipolar Mania and Me

  1. I appreciate your openness and honesty with your bipolar experiences. You relay them very well, and paint a picture that is crystalline to readers. And you are right; we need understanding, acceptance, and support — these three things are integral to being understood and assisting us during our relapses and aiding recovery. Family, friends, and kind others to be there for us can really make all the difference.


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