LMS visits the LMS Staff Lounge (with Lucy L and Little Richard)

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The Like-Minders Society (LMS) is a group of people who think like me. If you are different, unconventional, and enjoy all things whacky you have now become a member. Welcome

LMS visits a number of venues in its pursuit of wisdom and mirth. This is one of them

Welcome to
The Like-Minders Society

For the advancement
of anything poetically offbeat. Etc

Etc justifies inclusion of any ‘traditional’ work
thus avoiding being shunned by the Traditional Poets Association.
Bad vibes between poet groups is not good.

OK, I may be unconventional
And I might push boundaries
And my sense of humour

May be weird

But pull from me what bits you like
and join me on the journey


Welcome to the

Like-Minders Theme Park

I have created this Theme Park for LMS

Bit like Disneyland but for the advancement of anything poetically offbeat.

It has a perimeter fence (just like Disneyland), containing various venues of interest (just like Disneyland) and a rollercoaster which takes you around the Park (just like Disneyland). I drive the coaster (Ronnie) and Ronnie likes to move at breakneck speeds. Buckle up tight


You will enter at the Park Entrance, say hello to Lucy, Ticket Office girl (who will issue you a free ticket). This will be checked by Thalia when you board Ronnie at Rollercoaster Central

To launch Ronnie on our journey it is an LMS tradition to ring the starting bell. Ronnie will not move until he hears it. Thalia does the bellringing

Characters joining us:

Thalia – my Muse of Mirth (always by my side), Secretary, Rollercoaster Bar Girl, Bellringer

Thalia speaks in italic dialect Dialect of the Gods she says. Cultured lady

Hello everyone

Skip – my drinking buddy

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Lucy L – Ticket Office, Publicity

Lucy speaks in bold dialect

Hiya folks

Bit rough and ready but does a good job. Downs double whiskeys

Ronnie – our rollercoaster. Me driving. Look mum no hands

Ready to go?

Ring the opening bell Luce

Sure thing Don. I declare the LMS Theme Park now open. Come on in guys

Did they all say hello Lucy?

Yes Don. Quite a crowd rushed through the gate. They can’t wait to hop aboard Ronnie

Checked all their tickets Thale? We don’t want gate-crashers

Yes Don. All present and accounted for.

OK Thalia let’s get started. Ringa da bell

This one’s taking a while to get going Don

Wake up Ronnie!!

Buckle up folks, here we go!!!……

Earl Grey tea on the ride today folks served up by our bar girl Thalia. Sorry Fan, no coffee today. Lucy forgot to pick up supplies.

Wow! what a journey. Hope no-one is feeling too queasy

Seems OK Don. No-one looks green. You OK Terveen?

We have now reached the LMS Staff Lounge

Sounds like a shindig going on here folks. Our Head of Publicity Lucy is the centre of attention as she is ‘coming out’ about something personal. She’s a bit shy about it but wants to share her ‘come outance’ amongst understanding and accepting friends.

My poem to her explains this special occasion.

Lucy L and Little R

Lucy L and Little R
Go back (a long way back)
So strongly are the bonded
He put her down on track

Now Little Rich and Lucy
Are older (as we do)
Like me and sweet Muse Thalia
Luce says, Rich love me do

Lucy tells her Richie
(Downs whiskey -quite a doll)
Don’t fret because you are still my
My King of Rock and Roll

(DM 2019)

It’s party time folk. Up on your dancing feet Terveen, Fan…..For Lucy’s sake

Phew! What a party. Your special day Luce

Gee thanks Don…and he does love me do


Saying of the Quote

We always end with the ritual Saying of Quote . Thalia please

“Most people do not have a problem with you thinking for yourself, as long as your conclusions are the same as or at least compatible with their beliefs.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana


Well Like -Minders , that concludes our visit for today.

To get back to the Park exit you can either catch Rollie or wander back on foot. Whatever.

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LMS is built, owned and operated by me drinking mate Don

Don Matthews
November 2022

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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