Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio – The Living Strings Job

Stan runs a very successful business
helped by his assistant Perc

The Living Strings (unusual name)
Played music on their strings
While Perc and I got on with job
(They said they didn’t sing – sorry)

Production Notes

The Studio ended up a bit smoke-clogged.

We’re not sure the music worked
The test girls chain-smoked the whole time

Post Production Notes

Sadly they didn’t leave a record, in appreciation, for our efforts

However a reviewer had this to say

Music to help you stop smoking

An album released in 1964. The Phoenix New Times offers some info about it:

Hot on the heels of surgeon general Luther Terry’s 1964 finding on the dangers of smoking came this, the most absurd of the Living Strings’ “music to do something by” series. Of course, what instrumental songs like “Clair de lune” and “Yellow Bird” have to do with staving off lung cancer is inconsequential — it’s the liner notes that make the persuasive pitch: “Only will power will make you stop smoking. But this music may help your will power.”

Don Matthews
January 202

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