Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio – the Currie Bothers (Shergal and Farkey) Job

Stan runs a very successful business
helped by his assistant Perc

Currie boys
Lovely lads
Brought along
Their lovely dad

How nice?….

Production Notes

Smiles were all natural. Don’t they look sweet?

We thought the pants (Studio wardrobe)
brightened up the drab top

Post Production Notes

Shergal and Farkey’s dad was very happy with the result
Hot stuff was his idea

In appreciation they gave us a copy

Perc can’t stop Perc tripping around the Studio

Don Matthews
November 2021

Mystery Solved ā€“ Whatever Happened to The Currie Brothers?
by Pia Walker
B&F November 2020

During my educational tour round old copies of the B&F, it struck me that there were bands and groups on the scene that we no longer hear about. One was The Currie Brothers. Who were they, what were they and where are they now?
I put on my deer-stalker hat and with pipe in my mouth and magnifying glass in my pocket started to look for them, which proved a little more difficult than just using Google. Thanks to Gary Blair, however, I managed to get hold of Liam Currie to ask some questions about these very popular brothers. Liam kindly answered my queries in an e-mail interview, although he thinks that not many of their audiences can remember them, as he thinks it is more than 18 years since they played in Accordion Clubs! Iā€™m sure we will prove him wrong.
From a post online I learned that The Currie Brothers were a traditional Scottish folk / country dance accordion band from Milngavie in Scotland. They were also part of the wedding / function circuit and extremely accomplished accordion players, famous for their technical skills and accordion-centric arrangements.
They certainly were very popular in club land. As they lived in Milngavie, they were frequenting the MAFIA Club, but the first Club to invite them as guests was Gretna A&F club in 1975. From then on they were on the circuit. First it was just Jim and Tom, and later the youngest, Liam, joined them.

Well I’ll be….And I thought they were Shergal and Farkey….

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