Guest Poet Joe Balaz ‘Chilling Out Right Now’

Joe Balaz

Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Islands pidgin.
He lives in Cleveland, Ohio


Eric stay chilling out right now
  but last night he wuz off of da chain

cause he wen lose his temper
and false crack his competition at da bar.

Too much alcohol and testosterone
wuz racing through his veins

and screwing up his brain.

He couldn’t handle
dat da adah single guy

sitting on da adah side of da woman
dat he wuz trying to talk to

wuz making moa headway
in da pickup game den he wuz

so he wen figure
he go take care of dat real fast.

Commotion following
wun idiotic notion

is wat wen ensue.

Da adah guy had no idea
dat wun suckah punch

wuz coming
wen Eric wen make his move.

Da uppercut blow

wen catch da victim
right undah da jaw

and he wen collapse
and bang his head on da floor.

He ended up in da hospital
wheah he’s still in wun coma

so dats why

Eric stay chilling out right now
 in wun jail cell.

Foa sure he going face multiple assault charges
cause he wen swing and connect

wit some of da cops
dat wen arrest him too.

Da whole situation

will certainly go down
as wun night on da town

dat Eric nevah going forget.

Everyone has da right
to be stupid once in awhile

but it looks like Eric
wen just abuse da privilege.

(Joe Balaz)

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

2 thoughts on “Guest Poet Joe Balaz ‘Chilling Out Right Now’

  1. Looks like Eric needs some classes in anger management.
    I love the flow and tone of this poem. And the language just brings out the blatant stupidity of being a macho dummy.
    Eric should’ve just stayed at home. 🙂


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