Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio

Stan runs a very successful business
helped by his able assistant Perc

Beverly and Erick
Devoted, so in love
Wished to spread their love around
Given from above


Production Notes

Erick’s hair by Stan’s Hairstyling to the Little Stars

Erick’s lip gloss by Perc

Post Production Notes

Beverly and Erick gave us an example of their love

Their agent Rainbow Records was pleased with our effort

Beverly autographed a personal copy for Perc as you can see
(‘To Perc with all my love. And Erics’)
He was useless all next day

Don Matthews
July 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

14 thoughts on “Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio

      1. They seemed to go through a phase the higher the hair the closer to God…makes sense when you think about it

        Plastics were new! Gotta have ’em….we’re now realizing not such a good idea after all…..


    1. Nice to have my favourite commenter back. You still in Qld or back home?

      Yes, one wonders what goes on between these two. Amen, as I have suggested to another commenter, could be a Sunday School lesson for Erick. Do they do woodys there? At such young ages?……..


      1. Reluctantly, courtesy of RatsJet ✈️
        I’m still trying to extract my right
        foot from my anus, whilst my left
        foot dangles lifelessly behind my
        back. Apparently you need to pay
        extra for legroom, if you’re a fully
        grown adult, on a RatsJet fight 🤔


      2. Didn’t they ask you, as a senior, if you’d like a more roomier seat next to the exit door? That’s RatsJet for you.

        Yes there isn’t much legroom. You try going to UK nonstop in the middle of an 8-seat row…..

        At least you’re back in known territory….

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve once flew British Airways from
    London to Cancún. The hostesses
    were too busy partying in the galley
    with some soccer hooligan types to
    bother with the seated passengers.
    Seriously, they were having a piss
    up, true story, whilst people around
    me were complaining they couldn’t
    get a drink. But it was much better
    experience than EasyJet.
    EasyJet makes RatsJet look good.


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