A Challenge for you Architect

A challenge for you architect
We need hotel design
Something very different
Sophisticated, fine….

Tianzi Hotel, China

We’d like to stay in the smiling man wing……

Certainly sir. A navel suite or perhaps nearer the smile?……

I think a smiley suite would be nice dear…….

Certainly madam – they come with piped laughter………

How nice dear……

Don Matthews
July 2021

Hey? Done…….

Next challenge?……

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

9 thoughts on “A Challenge for you Architect

    1. Of course….you would understand what’s going on here.

      Seems our visiting couple wanted to say in the god of blessings wing (left?)

      It’s interesting cause it seems people maybe can choose?

      Can we stay in the god of wealth wing dear? We need him to shine down on us….He certainly will need to after we’ve paid the bill…..

      Can we stay in a god of longevity suit dear?….I want to live a long life. A good idea …..
      (I won’t mention an old gent last night carked it with a heart attack. Room service called with meal. Seems the miniskirt was bit too much for him)


      Sorry sir, the god of wealth wing’s been booked for the weekend by all the high-rollers….
      (Ah. well we’ll have to just take a naval suite with the blessings god and put up with the gurgles….)


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