Tesla Inferno

Just happened

The Tesla was on auto
Pilot, driving free
(Passenger in front and back)
Went into a tree

Inferno took 4 hours to
Extinguish, victims dead
Re-igniting battery acid
Resulting scene of dread

Don Matthews
April 2021


Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

12 thoughts on “Tesla Inferno

    1. Yes a classic line Kate….one could say the Tesla was set to ‘collect’ not ‘avoid’…..that’s a dark, macabre and ‘unwarranted’ thing to say I know considering the deaths but the comparison is still there……to me we are playing around with fire when it comes to driverless cars…..it can come back to bite us as it did on this occasion……..what gets me is the battery acid is so inflammable the firies had to ring Tesla and ask how to put it out…….!!!


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