25 thoughts on “Baptism

    1. There’s a rap the cong chant with this ritual David….you may not know it

      She’s plankin’ it with Jesus
      Horizontally laid out
      Splash the holy water round
      Jeeses, let’s sing and shout

      Wot? Blasphemy?…..

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    1. Damn, I didn’t even notice the shoes….look like Gucci’s…..cost more than the baptism no doubt……the length and costs some people go to Ed?……. when I go to church I wear my jeans and sneakers……I get sacrilegious stares but what the heck Ed….Skip stays outside with the other dogs …..they should be grateful….oh, they do have an annual Service for the Animals….shit, can you imagine that Ed?……..I do go on…..

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    1. I know, but why do they all stare at me in my jeans and sneakers? Maybe I should wear the ones without holes in them?…I was just trying to be cool and holy at the same time? They just didn’t seem to get it Ed…..fuddy duddys all of them…..

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    1. Ed, thankyou so much for directing me to the little-known MISFIT STORE….I feel I have at last found a welcoming home. A place where I can embrace my inner mediocrity! Exercise my non-competitive streak! Dare to be indifferent! Display my Misfit Pride!……Harvey made a personal call to welcome me Ed……at 3am…so aglow was I couldn’t get back to sleep…..remember that person who got a call from Yoko at 3am?…I now know how they felt…..always leave your phone on at night Ed…never know what celebrity will call at 3am

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  1. LOL. No accounting for Harvey’s unbridled enthusiasm. He gets very excited about new arrivals; probably because they tend not to stick around very long…


  2. Even though I was still half asleep I could feel Harvey’s bubbling effervescence coming down the wire to me…He said Murray couldn’t call as he was attending another difficult misfit at the time…

    Other readers will wonder what the heck we’re talking about Ed….

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    1. You’re right, they are not from the Misfit Store. I didn’t see any shoes there. Maybe the church hires them out for baptisms, weddings, funerals?…..now the pantyhose I prefer the allover look, silver in this case, so silver in spandex (maximum stretchability). You would then have silver dress, silver legs and silver shoes. I should be a baptismal dress consultant Ed……

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