Bought a present (Tinkerbell)
For my daughter dear
Examined it for damaged parts
Whatever’s this hole here?

It’s for enemas daddy. I want to be a nurse….

Should you have an aspiring nurse in your family they can be ordered online from the China Tinkerbell Factory. Make sure to specify the one with a hole (Cat. No. T2741HO). They also make one without hole (Cat. No. T2741NO)

Slight design fail?….

Don Matthews
December 2020

(Category DESIGN FAILS for further fails)

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

5 thoughts on “Tinkerbell

      1. Now does a mermaid flip to land
        When she does want a pee
        Or can she not be bothered
        And does it in the sea?

        If she flips on land to pee
        Which toilet does she use
        I see they’ve built just one for her
        Door painted seaside hues

        Gosh John, I’m away……

        Still doesn’t answer question sea/toilet ? though.

        Bit like when I’m outside..garden? or make effort for inside dunny?

        I do go on…..


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