Maybe the US is Beyond Even Saving

US is no longer united
It’s shattered and broken in bits
Maybe it’s beyond even saving
Regardless who in White House sits?

It’s possible the job of repairing
What’s left of the US is such
Is beyond any single politician
Beyond one politician, too much

The US is spiraling out of
Control, racial tensions increase
Class tensions are also increasing
Conspiracy theories increase

If he loses he’ll ramp up the whining
Ramp up the whinging with stealth
Blame everyone else for his losing
Everyone else but himself

Trump has a rock-solid claim for
Worst president the States ever had
If not the worst president in history
The most dangerous, edging on mad

Don Matthews
November 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

6 thoughts on “Maybe the US is Beyond Even Saving

    1. You do raise some good points, too. It really is tough to imagine how this country is fixable if we’re at a point where a sitting president can essentially just decide that he doesn’t want to leave office (even when he lost the election by more than 5 million votes) and actually get away with making up false claims about why he lost. This feels like Putin rigging the elections in favor of himself in Russia or Xi Jinping getting rid of term limits in China.


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