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I gave the happy couple
A celebration wine
They drank it so excitedly
(Was coloured lovely lime)

Don Matthews
October 2020

I’ll stick to beer

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

5 thoughts on “Lovely….

  1. I think you might have just been knocked off a few wedding invitation lists! Reminds me of a cocktail they used to sell on the beach in Barcelona: they called in a ‘mojito’ but I think it glowed (glew?) in the dark…

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  2. A mojito that glows in the dark
    And a cocktail that’s made out of lime
    They both sound a bit of a lark
    How on earth will I get them to rhyme?
    …I’ll stick to beer like Don.


  3. A quatrain on cocktail I was given
    Yes Ingrid, it glewed in the dark
    Bright red (like sunset), it tasted atrocious
    That all I could say was shit, fark

    Could’ve been Barcelona too….

    Or that Slovenian wedding I went to once. They have some funny customs there….



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