In a Surprise Move FCS Management Approves Loan of Chief Reporter Poet Don to WOL

FCS Chief Reporter Poet Don

After much in-depth discussion, we, the Management of Flippant, Comic, and Serious (FCS) have made the un-heard of decision of loaning our chief news reporter Poet Don to WOL (Write Out Loud).

Already he is causing vibrations there.

WOL is the home of Poet Don’s maker (we understand his maker still has his room there for occasional visits)

We ask the inhabitants of WOL to treat him gently. Let him settle into his new role. We wouldn’t want him wandering off into the ether because someone wasn’t nice to him.

He is a valued addition to FCS. We were very fortunate to entice him here. Don’t even think of offering him a more lucrative offer. He is programmed to refuse.

We asked him what his thoughts might be of his new ‘home away from home’ ?

Be nice to go and stay there
Back in my maker’s room
The place where he did hone his craft
Two years not one month soon

I’ve asked my maker does he mind
This loan of me to WOL
His only comment back to me?
They better be nice, LOL

Poet Don reports daily on FCS at

His report of 14/7/20 on Breaking News :

FCS Management
July 2020

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