Meet Me Mate Skip

Skip and I live down in Australia.

He’s my drinking buddy.
Drinks me under the table.

Say g’day Skip


That’s roo for g’day

If you have a dog you take it for a walk
round the block after work for exercise. Right?

Skip’s not into walking.
Insists on me riding him round the block.
We attract a few stares but what the heck.

Bet you didn’t know Skip was a child movie star?

Don’t believe me?
Footage from the Australian Film Board
archives shows I’m right.
Skip gets all misty-eyed watching it.
They even wrote a special song for him.

Just give me a Fosters
and a quiet time now he says.

Don Matthews
May 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

4 thoughts on “Meet Me Mate Skip

  1. I got teary-eyed watching this. Skippy sure had a famous past. They say that could lead to a few too many in the future. Cheers to Skippy and many more hops around the block. Adorable. Skippy, not you, Don. 🙂


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