Poet Don and Class Celebrate World Ukulele Day 2 February

Does any one know what a ukulele is?…. (blank looks all round…..) I have written a special poem to introduce our lesson today….. Oooh…. A ukulele is a smallGuitar on which to strumYou have two choices with your mouthWhen strum – to sing or hum Oooh…. To help you understand the delights of this littleContinue reading “Poet Don and Class Celebrate World Ukulele Day 2 February”

Remembering Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim, born Herbert Butros Khaury, was an American singer/ukulele player. After having a heart attack while performing he was warned not to perform again. He ignored the warning and died of another heart attack during a performance on 30 November 1996, age 64 Lyrics at end Tiptoe through the windowBy the window, that isContinue reading “Remembering Tiny Tim”