From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts (Olive Oatman)

Olive Oatman was abducted and sold to the Mohave tribe who gave her a noticable blue tattoo on her face 

After she was kidnapped by an unknown Native American tribe from her homestead in what we now know as Arizona in 1851, Olive oatman was sold to the Mohave people. She spent five years living with them. During that time they tattooed her face with the blue ink that you can see clearly in the photo.

Oatman was released after half a decade and she immediately returned home. A book was written about her time with the Mohave and she went on a tour that helped push sales to more than 30,000 copies. After the hubub died down she moved to Sherman, Texas where she became involved with charity work while wearing a veil over her tattoo.

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