FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Gloria’ Van Morrison and Them (1965)

Them were a rock group formed in BelfastNorthern Ireland, in April 1964, most prominently known for the rock standard “Gloria” and launching singer Van Morrison‘s musical career. The original five-member band consisted of Morrison, Alan Henderson, Ronnie Milling, Billy Harrison and Eric Wrixon.

Many think the lyrics of this song tell the tale of a woman engaged in prostitution. However, it is also very likely it’s just about a woman bent on getting married to a man primarily for financial benefits and not because she loves him. So Gloria is basically playing games with men


The beauty is in the simplicity the pulsing thump of the bass the chime of electric guitar rock and roll purity. A thousand bands playing intricate scales miss the one two punch of primal rock that this song conveys.

Lyrics below

Yeah, right

Did you hear about my baby? She come around
She come round here, the head to the ground
Come round here just about midnight
She makes me feel so good, make me feel all right

She come round my street, now
She come to my house and
Knock upon my door
Climbing up my stairs, one, two

Come on baby
Here she is in my room, oh boy

Hey what’s your name?
How old are you?
Where’d you go to school?
Aha, yeah
Aha, yeah
Ah, ah yeah, ah yeah
Oh haa, mmm

Well, now that we know each other a little bit better
Why don’t you come over here
Make me feel all right!

Gloria, gloria
Gloria, gloria
Gloria, gloria
All night, all day
All right, okey, yey!

You were my queen and I was your fool
Riding home after school

You took me home
To your house
Your father’s at work
Your mama’s out shopping around

Check me into your room
Show me your thing
Why’d you do it baby?

Getting softer, slow it down
Softer, get it down

Now you show me your thing
Wrap your legs around my neck
Wrap your arms around my feet
Wrap your hair around my skin, yeah
I’m gonna huh, right, ok, yeah

It’s getting harder, it’s getting too darn fast
It’s getting harder

All right!
Come on, now, let’s get it on
Too late, too late, too late
Too late, too late, too late
Can’t stop, wow!
Make me feel all right!

Gloria, gloria (all right)
Gloria, gloria (all right, okey, all right, okey)
Gloria, gloria (all right, okey, yey!)

Keep the whole thing going, baby!
All right!
All right!

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