Congratulations Donald

Congratulations Donald
(WordPress said to me)
800 followers you now have
Congratulations Donald


Your follower (800th)
(Gravitar attached)
Will now receive by email
Every post you hatch

How nice……

You also win certificate
(Signed by WordPress boss)
Congratulations Donald
Won it just becos


Cos you are top blogger
(800 under belt)
Keep on climbing up to top
Tell us how you felt?

I felt all warm and fuzzy
Fuzzy warming felt
Thankyou WordPress (yep yep)
800 under belt

(Boss signed back – “Blog on Donald”)

Commenters and your likers
Will now go boom, explode
Ride on up to glory Donald
(Do upgrade on code)


Code upgrade will rocket you
Up to WordPress Club
Sipping gin and tonics with
Elitist bloggergobs

I will try my hardest to blog to great heights……

G&T is my favourite drink……

Having done my blogging best and wanting to join the WordPress Bloggergob Club and sip G&T’S (my favourite drink) –

– I have never heard from Gravitar again (she sounded so sweet)

– Why do I get bloggers wanting me to buy things?

– I only get 10 likes from my 800 so-called ‘followers’
What’s going on WordPress? I am disappointed

– Do not bother sending certificate (signed by your boss) for 1000th follower. Stick it

– Do not think you are doing this to make me feel warm and fuzzy. You are not.
I can see through you. It just makes you look good.

Don Matthews
November 2022

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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