EV’s Pose a Serious Fire Risk

The Orange County Fire Authority battles a fire from a burning Tesla after it crashed into a garage. When firefighters removed the SUV from the garage to assess the fire, they identified the fuel source as the SUV’s high-voltage battery

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They are extremely difficult to extinguish

Firefighters have been permanently disabled
as result of toxic fumes

When the integrity of lithium batteries is compromised,
the energy is released as heat known as ‘thermal runaway’

Extremely difficult to extinguish, while releasing an
extraordinary array of deadly toxic gases

A typical car would require less than 1,400 litres of water
to extinguish but an EV battery fire in an electric vehicle
may require between 2,000 and 30,000 litres

I have read of a fire where the brigade couldn’t
extinguish it and had to ask the manufacturer
how do we put the thing out?

Governments are being urged to develop policy
and regulate management of risks and hazards

Don Matthews
November 2022

It’s the kind of blaze that veteran Chief Palmer Buck of The Woodlands Township Fire Department in suburban Houston compared to “a trick birthday candle.”

They extinguished it, but then a small flare shot out of the bottom of the charred hulk. Firefighters quickly put out those flames. Not long after, the car reignited for a third time.

“What the heck? How do we make this stop?’” Buck asked his team. They quickly consulted Tesla’s first responder guide and realized that it would take far more personnel and water than they could have imagined. Eight firefighters ultimately spent seven hours putting out the fire. They also used up 28,000 gallons of water — an amount the department normally uses in a month. That same volume of water serves an average American home for nearly two years.

From when the first Tesla hit America it took 9 years before the first battery fire was investigated. What can I say?

Follow link to full article. on what I have started here. Eye opening

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4 thoughts on “EV’s Pose a Serious Fire Risk

    1. I had no idea about this. As most? people wouldn’t. EV great idea but a case of jumping in before a thinking it all through? To wait x years before even investigating a battery fire? Come on? What’s going on here? Manufactures knew the problem but kept quiet? With new technology small hiccups are sorted out along the way but something as serious as this? No excuse, in my opinion. For FB to have to ask manufacturer how to put fire out beggars belief……

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    1. It beggars belief……But notice it is being kept under wraps. Wouldn’t want anything to rain on the EV parade. Question is. are manufacturers addressing the problem. I thought it important to bring the issue out into the open…..

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