The’Recycling’ of Plastic is Not all Fine and Dandy (as we might think)

Glass and aluminium can be recycled
indefinitely without any loss of properties
or damage to the environment.
No problems here

You wonder why I put quotation marks around ‘recycling’?

Because it is not really recycling but ‘decycling’ into a lower form.
Each decycle produces a lower product in turn.
No problems here

Herein lies the problem
Every decycle produces microplastics
which go into the environment

This is a worry

The only solution is to get plastics
out of our lives altogether

Full stop.

The amount of plastic in the ocean is expected to double in the next 15 years, and by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the sea (by weight). There are giant plastic islands floating on the ocean surface, and beaches around the world are increasingly littered with plastic rubbish even in the Arctic.

Don Matthews
November 2022

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

2 thoughts on “The’Recycling’ of Plastic is Not all Fine and Dandy (as we might think)

    1. The same old story. As long as it looks as if you’re doing the right thing everything’s apples. I was unaware of this until someone pointed it out.

      There’s another major problem. Global level of plastic is not reducing. many manufacturers reducing amount in their product but more is being sold. Net result zero…….another post on the way on this

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