Bali Wobblies by Don Matthews

MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

The silhouette of a wobbly man on a tightrope between two cliffs
Image Source: Canva Pro

(my experience on return from a Bali holiday)

I went to see my doctor

My doctor said to me

What can I do for you good sir

You look so terribly

I then said to my doctor

He listened patiently

I’ve just come back from Bali

I’m suffering you see

I seem to be unable

To walk a nice straight line

I wobble here and wobble there

It happens all the time

I think you’ve got a problem sir

(To which I did agree)

We’ll have to rush you off right now

To the emergency

I check into the hospital

The nurse she says to me

It’s good you liked your Bali hop

A wobbly now I see

She takes me to the wobbly ward

And tucks me in just right

Then after mealtime dinner

Adjusts me for the night

Now nurses are the greatest thing

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