LMS visits the Budding Poets Audition Site and Little Layla

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The Like-Minders Society (LMS) is a group of people who think like me. If you are different, unconventional, and enjoy all things whacky you have now become a member. Welcome

LMS visits a number of venues in its pursuit of wisdom and mirth. This is one of them

Welcome to the

Like-Minders Theme Park

For those who have not been here before let me explain

I have created a special Theme Park for LMS

Bit like Disneyland but for the advancement of anything poetically offbeat.

It has a perimeter fence (just like Disneyland), contains various venues of interest (just like Disneyland) and a rollercoaster which will take you around the Park (just like Disneyland). I drive the coaster (Ronnie) and he like to move at breakneck speeds.

Rollercoaster venue stops include

Traditional Poets Association Stamping Ground
Limerick Centre
Writers Corner
Haiku Workshop
Toilet Stop
Budding Poets Audition Site
Propper Spelling School
Interview Studio
Mental Health Unit
Nonsense Research Centre

You will enter at the Park Entrance, say hello to Lucy, Ticket Office girl (who will issue you a free ticket). This will be checked by Thalia when you board Ronnie at LMS Central (main entrance station)

To launch Ronnie on our journey it is an LMS tradition to ring the starting bell. Ronnie will not move until he hears it. Thalia does the bellringing honours

Characters joining us

Thalia – my Muse of Mirth (always by my side), Secretary, Rollercoaster Bar Girl, Bellringer

Thalia speaks in italic dialect Dialect of the Gods she says. Cultured lady

Hello everyone

Skip – my drinking buddy

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Lucy L – Ticket Office, Publicity

Lucy speaks in bold dialect

Hiya folks

Bit rough and ready but does a good job. Downs double whiskeys

Ready to go?

Did all say hello Lucy?

Yes Don. A nice happy lot. Some people are keen to meet you. Fan, Terveen, LC, Alex, Andrew and Cassa. They’ve heard of your fame. They can’t wait to hop aboard Ronnie

Checked all their tickets Thale? We don’t want gate-crashers

Yes Don. All present and accounted for. Fan, Terveen, LC, Alex, Andrew and Cassa all say hi

Hi guys

OK, buckle up folks, here we gooooooooooo…………

Layla, here we coooooooommmmeeee……….

I hope our bar lady Thalia kept you all supplied with champagne. Free on the house. Being a virtual Theme Park LMS does not require an alcohol license. How nice

Wow! what a journey. Hope no-one is feeling too queasy

All OK Don. No-one leant over the side

We have now reached the Budding Poets Audition Site

Our Rollercoasters always look forward to this stop Don. Good to see budding poets get up on stage……

Who do we have waiting to take to the stage today Thale?

Little budding poet Layla Don…..

Of course, I do remember you Layla. You tried your luck recently on the big WOL (Write Out Loud) stage. Many of our Like-Minders probably missed it. I’m sure you’ll have better luck here at LMS Layla. We welcome all budding poets regardless of what stage they’re at.

Layla’s mum has also brought in a video of her progress as well Don….

Well Like-Minders looks like we’re in for a treat.

Layla’s mum, who’s with us also, says it is a joint effort….

They’ve written the poem in rhyme too Don. Layla says she’s been taking lessons from you. She likes rhyme.

You will go a long way with rhyme Layla. You may even get to be a Poet Laureate in rhyme

Layla’s mum says she will explain to Layla what a Poet Laureate is when they get home

OK Layla/Layla’s mum take it away.

(Watch carefully for the rhyme pattern folks – what she’s learnt from me)

Waaaaaaaaaaah ! By Layla


Our Chinese shop is closed Layla

 (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !)

 MacDonalds is closed too

(Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !) 

You’ll have to now eat mummy’s cooking 

There’s nothing I can do 

(Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !)

The four-year-old threw her head back in anguish


Mummy? Pizza Hut? Open?

 Sorry Layla no

 You’ll have to eat my cooking now

That’s just the way things go


I’ve set up the video for our Like-Minders to watch now Don…. 

Thanks Thale

Seems we’ve got a problem folks. Not being a youtube clip WP can’t embed it. If any of our Like-Minders can tell me how to get it embedded here it would be appreciated

Just copy and paste it into Google and it will come up fine


After watching Layla on the video you will understand my comment below.

Well Layla, you’ve certainly got some lungs on you. Much needed for open mic work. Perhaps mum you could help Layla develop a bit more control and positive direction in her poetry? Yes she does seem a little headstrong and frustrated. We’re all feeling a bit bit frazzled at the moment Tell her I have to eat my mother’s cooking and can’t go to Ma cDonalds either.. That might help.


Well Like -Minders , that concludes our visit.to the Budding Poets Audition Site for today. I hope you enjoyed it and Rollie kept on the rails. Lost a wheel once but that’s another story.

We have other little budding poets lined up for you so stay tuned

Saying of the Quote

We always end with the ritual Saying of Quote . Thalia please.

All heads bowed please

โ€œIf unconventional ideas = sperm,
then public opinion = abortion.โ€

โ€• Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Thus spake Mokokoma. Thankyou for those words of wisdom Moko. I feel abortion often.

You may raise your heads now. Thankyou

To get back to the Park exit you can either catch Rollie or wander back on foot. Whatever.

Say bye to Lucy on the way out. She will check you of the list. Don’t want you being lost amongst all this wisdom and mirth

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kangaroo-aussie-beer-1.jpg
LMS is built, owned and operated by me drinking mate Don

See you all next time

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Don Matthews
November 2022

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