What a Price To Pay

I chose to go live in the US
Lavish-style-like (yep) for us
Shit! costs a heap in the US
More money I gotta get us

I got me a go-talk with Oprah
(Family they got bit upset)
But hey?, got a heapful of dollars
Now we can more lavishly get

Shit love we’re needing more dollars
I’ll go write a memoir reveal
With “raw and unflinching (yep) honesty”
How I have been given bum deal

But your family might disown you dear……

You might not get that birthday card
for Ruffles anymore. She might get cranky……

You want the high-life blossom?……

Yes, but……

Don Matthews
November 2022

Prince Harry looks forward to them continuing living in lavishness. They will remove the silk drapes from Ruffles bedroom. problem sorted he said

A royal insider told the Daily Mail that “Harry and Meghan’s former staff members are convinced that this book is being written to settle scores and will likely include a lot of detail about their time within the royal family. Based on the Oprah Winfrey interview, some of these ex-workers simply do not trust that a full and accurate picture will be presented. Conversations have already started about what steps they might be able to take to protect their own reputation and that of the monarchy post-publication.”


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