4 thoughts on “Christopher Morley

    1. I don’t have a dog. Should I get one ? Someone to appreciate my genius?

      Wasn’t it Aristotle who said:

      ‘Within every genius there is touch of madness” ?

      Maybe he meant within every madperson there is a touch of genius? Got warped via endless translations. Dunno?…….

      Skip’s rolling his eyes again……….he’s heard something. hark he says

      A. he’s mad………

      B. no, just different……

      Ain’t they nice Terv?……..

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      1. Yes very. That’s why I’ve said to you before I wish I was a psychologist. To understand me more.

        I wish I was a ‘chologist
        (Making lotsa cash)
        Could then sort out this poet friend
        Happy do pro bono

        Seems I’ve got an inner psychologist wanting to break out

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