4 thoughts on “Lawn

    1. Looks like beachfront houses in Florida. Hurricane season…….not nice. Insurance a problem. Act of God. Sorry……..Pray to Him. He will solve your problem. Thankyou Mr Insurance man . I will do that. Attend my church (last time 1 year ago) and pray for a new free house. He solve all our problems. We sit back, watch, wait for miracle. he always comes up with the goods. So our minister tells us.

      Satirical I know Terveen, but sadly, true of many ‘believers’

      hey? height of covid epidemic. church goers pack church. Hug each other in pews. masks? poo hoo. God will save us. Hallelujah….and praise the Lord. deliver us from this pestilence….

      Hark Cyril? I hear the angels singing. Hallelujah (refer email angel singing Terveen)

      Wait for it….all brought their guns with them for protection…

      Is Poet Don for real mummy, or is he pulling my leg?


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