Been drinking with me mates all night
Pub just closed, must go
Now where did I go put my car?
Put you yo ho ho

Ah, there you are my lovely……

I go down street left, then go right
(Yep) know just where to go
Shit, what just was that noise I heard
(No longer yo ho ho)

Must have been some bump I hit
Strange? I feel lop-side
Carry on no sweat (yo ho)
On with yo ho ride

Wot’s that red/blue flashing light?
Telling me stop/slow
What’s that yellow sparky show
In your wheel below?

Wot show ?……

Adelaide boy Sparky was caught driving erratically without a wheel
and the rim was being driven on the disc brake.

He was also more than six times over the legal limit

Don Matthews
October 2022

Couldn’t find pic of Sparky’s wheel.

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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