Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Vast

Write something incorporating the word ‘vast’.

Should you accept, go forth.
Show your creative juices

I accept.
Here goes….


The planet can’t sustain
A population vast
So cap the population
While the planet lasts

Governments won’t do it……

Make it too expensive for more than two children……

Why are you handing out child allowance?…….



Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

2 thoughts on “Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Vast

    1. I won’t be here but it’s the future generation I worry about.

      There is no cap being applied to stop population explosion by governments. Why I ask?

      So we are left with the planet to do it for us with floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, plagues etc

      At present it’s using Covid to cull………

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