Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio -The Hans Edler Job

Stan runs a very successful businesshelped by his able assistant Perc Hans had lovely nipplesOnes which did protrudeDressed him in a leopards capeReduced amount of nude Production Notes We thought the stern look was appropriate for Dirty Sally Hans wanted a bare midriff but we said red would increase sales If you say so heContinue reading “Stan’s Record Album Cover Studio -The Hans Edler Job”

FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Shutdown’ Mojo Blues Band

The Mojo Blues Band is a blues band from Austria which was formed in 1977 by guitarist Eric Trauner and pianist Joachim Palden. The name of the band is derivated from “mojo”, a talisman in the voodoo cult. “Shutdown’ has plenty of slide work behind the lyrics which describe the pandemic, no work and the inevitable questions about “who’s gonna payContinue reading “FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Shutdown’ Mojo Blues Band”

Guns at Walmart

I’m off to buy my gunsAt the supermartWalmart is my favourite storeLoad them in a cart…. The work of Pawel Kuczynski, polish artist, satirist and philosopher. He paints and draws satirical illustrations that deal with social, cultural and political issues of modern day.  Common subjects of Pawel’s illustration are social media, the Internet, mobile phonesContinue reading “Guns at Walmart”