Setting Up a Zoom Conference in Australia

This nationally syndicated column is being presented this week via Zoom.

We are just waiting for Ken in Toowoomba who reads it in the Brisbane Sunday Mail to join us. Hi Ken, good to see you.

Sunday Tasmanian readers Sally and Jack should be on the line in Hobart. Do we have Sally and Jack? I can see Jack there. Sorry Jack, you’re muted, turn the microphone on.

Do we have Nathan in Adelaide? It looks like Nathan isn’t there. Hang on, yep, there he is. G’day Nathan.

Over in Perth I think we have Brian and Leona, but I don’t know if Tina is there yet. Can you hear me Tina? Actually sorry, I just got a text from Tina, she didn’t get the link so bear with me, I’ll send it through.

I think Ken has dropped out in Toowoomba, so when he phones back we can get things started.

I can see Sally in Hobart now, so let’s kick things off…..

People are at their best when sitting face-face

Don Matthews
June 2021

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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