Poet Don and Class Celebrate Yodel For Your Neighbour Day 30 January (and a special letter they have written to Mr Bogdan)

From L to R : Billy, Dauphine, Johnny, Mazie

Can any of you yodel? Billy? Anyone?….

Yes Billy?…..

My daddy yodels to bring the cows in…..

Perhaps we could invite him in to show the class?……

(nodding all round….)

But not to bring the cows with him….

(murmering and shaking of heads….)

Today, children all around the world
are yodelling for their neighbours….

I have invited a special guest
to sing a yodeling song for you
and show you how easy it is…..


(a glimmer of interest……..)

Ready everyone?….

Yes Poet Don…..

Take it away Miss…..?


Thankyou Naomi. Show us how it’s done………

clap clap clap clap (one from each student)

Thankyou Naomi, it looks quite easy
The class should catch on fast….

Yes Billy?…….

You wonder if Mr Bogdan can yodel?…..

You want to write a letter and ask him?……

Good idea Billy. It will give you all practice in writing….

Dear Mr Bogdan

We are celebrating Yodel for your Neighbour Day
with our teacher Poet Don. It’s a catch-up lesson from the 30th. Miss Naomi has been fully booked till now. She had to go on a world yodelling tour

We know you are clever from those drawings

you did for us the last time. We still have them pinned to our wall.
And they haven’t faded….

We have just seen Miss Naomi yodeling for us and we thought of you.

Can you do the

Diddly-odel-oh-ee-dee ?

It looked very easy…..

Yours yodelingly

Billy, Dauphine, Johnny, Mazie

PS..Our teacher says he will give our letter to Mr Matthews to forward to you.

It will get there quicker than if we post it he says….

Lesson finished children.
Go home and yodel to your neighbours……

yay! Yodel-oh-ee-dee

high fives


Don Matthews
(And no, I can’t yodel)
May 2021

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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