19 thoughts on “From the FCS Book of Useful Proverbs

      1. The FCS Book of Useful Proverbs at your service…..oh, Poet Don our FCS news reporter has asked me to tell you he is also at your service for all news of no interest…. a valuable asset to the FCS Team is PD…..

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      2. Just clarifying some things about FCS Yass. We can boggle the minds of readers with our complexity….with a kangaroo, puss and dog to boot….no wonder confusion sometimes reins

        Now OK I hold the reins of FCS (try to)……The Book of Useful Proverbs is my department (glad they well-being your brain).

        Poet Don is a different entity who reports on things of interest and no interest…I employ him and pay him well Yass (so he’s not tempted to look around for another site if you follow me)…..PD is a valuable asset to the Team

        Poet Don (FCS news reporter, seems to like reporting on trivial things……like 8904 is the number of hours in 53 weeks……and he always seems to have a listener saying ‘good to know’….Funny ’bout

        We at FCS hope this helps to sort out a bit more of the mish-mash of a place we are – base desire at FCS? making fun

        Skip say hi, Priscilla meow, Ralph woof
        PD is off preparing his next report…..

        I’m here enjoying a sherry as I type…..cheers

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    1. He looks a young spritely guy…do you know him?

      ‘A happy guardian of trivia’..tick…’maintainingcosmic balance and order’….fully agree.

      Pity he’s on Blogspot not WordPress…..

      Bit puzzled why he’s got no followers though….

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      1. Young spritely (as compared to sprightly?) guy did not ‘market’ that particular blog. It was a self-licking ice cream cone. Hence, no one followed because, like, no one really knew about it! Spritely is as sprightly does.


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