Poet Don and Class Celebrate Make Your Dreams Come True Day (13 January)

Little Billy has inadvertently stumbled on an adult theme in today’s lesson. On behalf of Billy I apologise to readers.

L to R Billy, Dauphine, Johnny, Mazie

Today children we are going to be finding out what your dreams are. On this special day children all around the world will be making their dreams come true?


What are your dreams Johnny?

I wanna be a poet like you Poet Don….
produce/produce, deduce/doduce, reduce/roduce……

Keep your dream alive Johnny….


You show great promise Johnny….

Thankyou Poet Don…..


Billy what dream would you like to come true?….

I wanna be a linguist Poet Don.
A cunning one….

(Blank looks all round….)

Yes Billy, a linguist will give you
plenty of exercise with your tongue….

(More blank looks….)

How about you Dauphine?….

My dream is to be a princess Poet Don….

One day your prince will come Dauphine….

Thankyou Poet Don. I will hang out for him….

And finally we come to Mazie.
What’s your dream Mazie?….

I want to be an astronaut Poet Don….

You’ll need to learn to count
past five on your fingers first Mazie….

Lots of practice and I’m sure
you’ll achieve your dream….

Thankyou Poet Don….

We can all wave as you fly overhead….

Well we’ve certainly shared some wonderful (and achievable) dreams today class. Children all over the world are doing just this on this special day….

I’m sure your parents will all
support you in achieving your dreams……

Don Matthews
March 2021

There’s Mazie….yay Mazie!….

Yes readers, Mazie did finally learn to count up to 100 on her fingers and gained a scholarship to the AAS (Australian Astronaut School). She is now in charge of own FCS Space Laboratory flying overhead. Information coming back to FCS Ground Control indicates she is ably managing the craft without needing to count past 100 on fingers.

Every so often she passes the International Space Station and gives a wave. Isn’t that nice? We are so proud of our Mazie.

Johnny is now a Poet Laureate in Nonsense thanks to much help from his teacher

Billy has achieved his goal of a cunning linguist. His parents have not explained the adult meaning, preferring to leave him in the innocent world of childhood

And after much hanging out, Dauphine’s prince did finally arrive.

Thankyou all for watching Poet Don’s lesson today…….

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