Guest Poet Joe Balaz ‘Cool Her Sassy Jets’

FCS focuses on promoting humour,
offbeat poetry and exploring things different

Joe Balaz

Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Islands pidgin. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio


She posted on Facebook one day

dat she wuz allowed to come and go
as she pleased in high school

and dat it really didn’t mattah
if she wuz dere or not

cause latah she received
her GED in one day.

Don’t know how true dat is

but her general attitude can explain
why she’s flipping burgers

and flipping you da bird
every time you disagree wit her.

She’s wun smart aleck
hard headacting like wun know-it-all

and she’s raising your blood pressure
to new heights.

Da good ting dough is dat at least she’s working
and not sitting on wun couch

watching television all day
wit wun new babyas wun meal ticket

foa get all kine free social aid.

As to weadah she going turn da cornah
dat remains to be seen.

She’s wun rebel witout any meaningful claws
but still yet she like make kitty kine cat fight.

Moa den once
her maddah wen lament

dat she shouddah been wun boy.

It would be really good

if somehow life would kick her in da rear end
and make her wake up.

Den maybe wun lightbulb
going get turned on in her head

to make her cool her sassy jets.

(Joe Balaz)

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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