Guest Poet Joe Balaz ‘Like Lots of Tings’

FCS focuses on promoting humour,
offbeat poetry and exploring things different

Joe Balaz

Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Islands pidgin. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio


Like Buddha
taking wun selfie.

Like hunters
eating vegetable soup.

Like eternal peace
aftah da bomb explodes.

Like Santa and Satan
wit da same letters.

Like ants
in wun birdcage.

Like wun priest
in wun whorehouse.

Like wun kite
on da moon.

Like wun refrigerator
in wun igloo.

Like virgins
wit experience.

Like feelings
to wun robot.

Like wun monk
wit wun Mercedes.

Like convictions
made of vapors.

Like silver spoons
in wun orphanage.

Like wun praying mantis
witout claws.

Like dyslexia
to wun blind man.

Like light
to wun black hole.

Like concentric ripples

Like mirrors
in wun parallel universe.

Like wun elephant’s trunk
searching through papers.

Like lots of tings 
dat keep you blinking and tinking.

(Joe Balaz)

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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