The Like-Minders Society visits the LMS Traditional Poets Stamping Ground

FCS focuses on promoting humour, offbeat poetry
and exploring things different

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The Like-Minders Society (LMS) is a group of people who think like me. If you like different, unconventional work and enjoy all things whacky you have now become a member. Welcome

LMS visits a number of venues in its pursuit of wisdom and mirth. This is one of them

Welcome to the

Unconventional Like-Minders do not quite see eye to eye with the Traditional Poets Association but we try to accomodate them by providing a special ground for them to stamp around and practice in. Bad vibes between poet groups is not good.

Today I have my Muse of Mirth Thalia with me (she speaks in the italic dialect. Language of the muses she says)

Well Thale, the last time they were all at Stratford celebrating the birth of their Bard

Hello? They’re back from their picnic at Stratford. On the lawn with gherkin sandwiches I believe.

Well TPAers how did it go?

Went to Stratford
Sat on lawn
Where our idol
William born

Kissed his feet
(Statue there)
William had
Two feet, pair

Well you certainly picked up some rhyming skills there. Nice to know he had two feet

Gosh they’re a gloomy lot Thale….

They make a good lesson for how we shouldn’t be Don…..

Don Matthews
September 2020

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LMS is built, owned and operated by me drinking mate Don

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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