Guest Poet Ingrid and her Roomba-Loving Pooch

FCS focuses on humour,
offbeat poetry and exploring things different

Ingrid has been kind enough to post my work on her Experiments in Fiction site. I am now happy to return the complement with this poem from Ingrid. She has included a photo of her Roomba-loving pooch End of poem) Thankyou for this Ingrid.

Roomba-Rhumba Miracle

On days like these 
When I can’t piece
Myself together
I let go:

I cannot agonise
About the unswept floors
And unwashed clothes
Escaping from the laundry basket

Instead, I do my hair
(It’s called self-care)
And put some music on:
Maybe I dance the Rhumba

And as I leave the house 
I know that Roomba
Is doing for me
The things that I 
Cannot do for myself:

It’s called ‘technology’
Though I call it a miracle.

September 2020

Ingrid’s Roomba-loving pooch watches on in fascination

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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