The Like-Minders Society Writers Corner (featured writer Christopher Pike ‘Flattened’)

The Like-Minders Society is a group of minds who think alike and explore the combination of fantasy, imagination, offbeat poetry and humour. LMS was formed in 2019 by offbeat poet Don Matthews.

They are known for their Writers Corners where offbeat poets are invited to present their work. (All poets are real not fictitious) I’ve been informed one is about to start. Let’s listen in

Today we are privileged to have well-known
offbeat poet Mr Christopher Pike with us to present his latest
piece entitled ‘Flattened’

He has brought along a visual aid of Tommy toad flirting
with death on the road to illustrate his poem

Welcome to LMS Mr Pike



(steps up to mic….)


The story that is told
By a severely flattened toad,
Is of evidential failure
In attempts to cross the road.


Thankyou for sharing your poem of Tommy with us Mr Pike.

We should never sit in
the middle of the road should we Mister Don?

No Johnny (our youngest member)

Please join me
in showing our appreciation to Mr Pike


Script : Don Matthews
Poem : Christopher Pike

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing around with words. And having fun

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