The Like-Minders Society Visits the Traditional Poets Association Stamping Ground

We think alike. Have lotsa fun. No joining fee. Contact our Leader

The Like-Minders Society is a group of minds who think alike. They explore the combination of fantasy, imagination, offbeat poetry and humour. The Society was formed in October 2019 by poet and fun-seeker Don Matthews and rapidly shot to fame. It has its own specially built Theme Park with Rollercoaster which transports Like-Minders round the Park to various stops of offbeat poetical interest. Their Roller has passed extensive safety tests by the RSB (Rollercoaster Safety Board) and assure its wheels won’t fall off. Their Leader is also a Certified Rollercoaster Driver. Safety comes first with LMS

Today we are privileged to witness an LMS visit to the Traditional Poets Association Stamping Ground, a key attraction in their Park. It has been a long tradition of the Society to launch their Roller ride with a tolling of the bells. Let’s watch them on a visit led by their Leader, (cum Rollercoaster Driver) and assisted by their Muse Thalia. He feels traditional poets dwell too much on doom and gloom and not enough on having fun. He lets them stamp in the Park as this gives him opportunity to ‘have a go’ at their doomy gloominess.

They’re ready to launch off folks. Excitement is building. Let’s watch this ritual ‘tolling of the bells’. Stand back everyone.

Your Rollercoaster is ready to leave ROLLER CENTRAL Like-Minders (straight from an oil and grease change so should be a smooth, ride. They assure me the wheels won’t fall off.)

Buckle up folks

Ring the roller bell Thale

Tolling of the bells

He’s mad…..

Who said that?…..

Hang on folks. Off we go……

LMS on their way to the TPA Stamping Ground

Definitely mad….

Traditional Poets Association Stamping Ground

The last time the stamping ground was empty. All attending a Shakespeare festival. Looks like they’ve returned. ‘Twill be worth our visit this time folks.

We’ve just returned from Stratford

Where our great Bard was born

We danced around and celebrated

On his favourite lawn

(But did you do any poetry?…)

They did this awful comedy

We wanted doom and gloom

I guess you can’t be fussy when

Stratford paid the room

It’s poet me now talking

(Correction. Keyboard hit)

We need a balance (little gloom)

But fun – lots more of it

Well that was an eyeopener wasn’t it bloggers? We look forward to more visits to the LMS Fun Factory as some are calling it.

Don Matthews

May 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing around with words. And having fun

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