Head-Empty. My New Career Possibility

I like writing poems ’bout nothing Cos that’s what my head is full of But despite it being empty (and full of) It’s my head that I love truly love I worship the head of Spike Milligan Whose head was far emptier than mine I’m sure there’s a career in head-empty Be famous like SpikeContinue reading “Head-Empty. My New Career Possibility”

Walkie Talkie Restaurant

If you live in Umbria And want to dine outside You might be worried ’bout corona People close (not wide) A restaurant now has been built With tables in a tree A quick climb up 4 metres (The restaurant’s near Todi) Call your order (walkie talkie) (‘Tis very nice up here) Here comes our foodContinue reading “Walkie Talkie Restaurant”

Banning Plastics

One-use straws and cutlery Great things this knife/fork pair Churn them out in thousands It’s wasteful? I don’t care You can’t recycle them? Who cares Dump them in the ground Microbes in 10,000 years Will break the buggers down You say the government has just Banned them? Shit, how mean Looks like I gotta changeContinue reading “Banning Plastics”

I’m Giving My Dog Alone-Time

While covid has kept us in lockdown My dog’s got tight-bonded to me I’m worried when I go back to working An utter wreck, anxious, he’ll be yoooooowl……. To reduce psychological damage (His mental health I really care) I’m giving him plenty of alone-time But he’s tearing out chunks of his hair Have I doneContinue reading “I’m Giving My Dog Alone-Time”