From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts (Calamity Jane)

Calamity Jane was one of the greatest sharpshooters of the old west

One of the most well known cowpokes of the wild west is Calamity Jane, a gal who didn’t let anyone stand in her way. She earned her reputation working as a scout for General Custer in 1870 before going on to work for the Pony Express where she rode the rough trails of Black Hills country. At the same time she began playing cards with Wild Bill Hickok, who she knew until his final hand of poker.

In 1876, Jane stuck around the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, where she helped nurse people through a massive smallpox outbreak. After leaving Deadwood she went back to working as a scout and began winning fans in the publishing world who started writing about her life. She was happy to tell the story of her life to anyone who wanted to put pen to paper.

There is never a time
to stop learning new things

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