From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts (Geronimo)

Geronimo, photographed by the U.S. Army

Not only is Geronimo one of the most well known figures in Native American history, but he’s one of the most famous figures in world history. Throughout the back half of the 1800s he led attacks against the U.S. and Mexican armies across the borderlands of the southwest before he was finally captured by the U.S. military in 1886. After his arrest Geronimo spent the rest of his life as a prisoner of war.

This photo (or at least the pre-colorized version) was actually taken by the U.S. military to use as a part of their longterm propaganda plan for the leader. Aside from photos he appeared at Wild West shows and he even attended the inauguration of President Theodore Roosevelt. Geronimo passed away on February 17, 1909 while living at Fort Sill.

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