From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts (Amazon logo)

I found this interesting. Taken from Alex’s Mybookworld24 site.

The Amazon logo is interesting to me because, again, I look at it nearly daily since I look at book deals. However, I never thought it had a hidden meaning, and it turns out that it does. The arrow between the A and the Z is a way to indicate that they sell everything you might need. The arrow also creates a smile, implying that customers are happy when shopping there.

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

4 thoughts on “From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts (Amazon logo)

    1. Always deeper meanings we’re unaware of. Life becomes more meaningful when we search for meanings behind things….

      Can’t be bothered finding out why dear. Gotta watch me favourite telly show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here……..

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