4 thoughts on “Yummy Mummy

    1. I don’t know much about the ad. It didn’t appear to be selling anything. However, mold on bread contains penicillin, which is how it was first discovered, so green bread must be moldy bread. Here is something I read:

      Michael McClennen
      Health and nutrition enthusiast2y
      If penicillin is derived from molds, why can’t we eat moldy bread to combat infections?
      The molds in question produce thousands of different compounds, many of which are poisonous to humans. Therefore, it is not safe to eat moldy bread directly. Production of penicillin involves separating out that single compound from all the rest of the chemicals that make up the mold.

      It is, however, possible to treat skin infections by covering them with moldy bread. That is risky, but it sometimes works.

      Me – so I’m gonna make some moldy bread and smear it on me lacerations. Tell you if it works…..

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