FCS Daily Music Video – ‘Spirit in the Sky’ Norman Greenbaum (1970)

Norman Joel Greenbaum (Born November 20, 1942) is an American singer-songwriter. He is primarily known for his 1969 song “Spirit in the Sky“.

Can you tell me about the fuzz pedal that made the guitar sound so distinctive?
Well, there wasn’t a guitar that was built that way. But in one of my prior bands in between Dr. West and going as a solo artist, one of the people playing guitar had invented this little fuzz tone, and he said that he fit it into the guitar, rather than using the pedals that they had. And that’s where I got the sound. Unfortunately, he kind of disappeared and we were never able to make another one. The guitar itself is not with us anymore. But it was quite something and it’s gone down as one of the top five guitar licks that you recognize in a split second.

Don Matthews
August 2022

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