From the FCS Book of Little-Known Facts (abandoned Playboy mansion)

Haunting pictures of abandoned ‘Playboy mansion’:
Swingers’ Tiki Palace left to rot after owner jailed

The Swingers’ Tiki Palace in Birmingham, Alabama, was built by prominent strip club owner Billy Hull in 1972.

The 5,600 square foot three-bed was known for its unique Playboy bunny shaped pool with ear shaped swimming tunnels that lead to the bedrooms.

However, after Hull pleaded guilty to charges of income tax evasion and later, in a separate case, was charged with murder to hire, the seedy place was left to rot after the owner was jailed.

According to court documents Hull was sentenced to serve twenty years and one day in prison after being found guilty of hiring an assassin to kill his wife’s lover.

The photos show the vandalised remains of the building with floor to ceiling marble and chandeliers still intact.

Billy Hull passed away in 2008 from cancer.

Roland Hargis, Gloria Hull’s boyfriend, was shot when leaving the Tradewinds Night Club in the early hours of May 3, 1973. The gunman, Larry Parker, was convicted of manslaughter

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Don Matthews
June 2022

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